Monday, July 09, 2007

Which one of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?

Nerd Island

Here is a concept sketch of a huge nerd.

Gateway wants to make a video game so I'm trying to come up with ideas, and this is the first one I did. I'm not gonna go into the story too much, you're basically a nerd who has to survive in the jungle. I want to call it "Nerd Island".

Anyways, I haven't put anything up here in a really really long time, so I thought this was a good one to throw up there, and I'll have more on the way!


Mel said...

did you base this guy on yourself? i'm curious, cuz if you replace the brown hair with blonde, he could be you. i'm just saying.

:: smo :: said...

haha i love the tagline: this is a sketch of a huge nerd! awesome!!!